How to Cure Diabetes

How to Cure Diabetes

What is Diabetes? Why is it so different from other diseases?

Diabetes is a special kind of disease, it is considered more like a disorder, than a disease. Diabetes is closely related to how our bodies process the food we eat and regulate the energy we obtain from the consumed food. Basically, the stuff we eat gets broken down chemically and turned into glucose, which is another term for sugar that can be found in our blood, which is the fuel for our body, it is what makes our body work all day and night.

The produced glucose flows all over our body and fuel every living cell, making us live. There is also another chemical which has to be reacted with glucose for the body to convert glucose into usable form of energy, which is Insulin. When your body doesn’t have enough insulin to convert enough glucose into energy, you will have a lot of problems, and there’s also another type of disorder in which your body has enough insulin, but your body doesn’t respond well enough to it. The pancreas releases Insulin every time we eat something, so it can be used to convert glucose formed from the food to energy.

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