About Me

The Analysis

Like many of us, through the years you have heard of or have a family member with diabetes.

In February 2015, after being sick, swollen ankles, passed out, and after several doctor’s appointments…a change was needed for my survival!  The doctor informed me that I did not have diabetes, but I needed to change my diet before I become diabetic. My A1C was not the best, but no indication of a diabetic person. Moreover, my blood level was low…almost anemic, but no. So, one could see my health was on a decline.

Note: A1C is a blood test that measures blood glucose levels over a two-three month period.

I told my husband I will not be a recipient of diabetes and a diseased body. Thus I began my journey to cleanse the internal part of my temple [body].


I began my voyage by using Queen Afua natural products. Then, essential oils, and Chinese herbal teas for 21 days. My life has not been the same.

I began my passage to educate, empower and change ME first and then extend assistance to others.

Mentally, I was concerned, because of how diabetes run rapid among my immediate and extended family. I have seen the effect of this disease called DIABETES: swollen legs, amputated parts of the body, protrude lips, vision, etc. The death toll does not make it any easier. I thought there must be a way to survive and halt this thing called DIABETES.

The Recapture

I visited the doctor one month later after being discharge from the hospital. He was encouraged by my progress and asked to see me again in a week. He suggested that I read a book Fork over Knives on Netflix and consume a Low Glycemic Index meal plan. What I found to be truth is…it’s a “lifestyle change”. Eat veggies, whole grain foods, legumes (beans), lean meats [not at all or once a week], exercise and fruits….pretty simple right. Avoid non-whole grain breads, potatoes and FRIED foods.


I studied under Queen Afua Wellness Institute and certified aromatherapy program and became certified in both fields. This is my life now, to inspire, educate, and empower others.

This expedition Defeat Sugar Diabetes is dedicated to pursuing a healthier life, and I want you to come along for the ride!!!